Misshapen [adjective]

Definition of Misshapen:


Synonyms of Misshapen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Misshapen:


Sentence/Example of Misshapen:

It was crude and misshapen, and leered at her, filling her heart with fear.

Ling had seemed so hairy, so misshapen, like a troll out of Gothic legends.

There are other Dwarfs, but they are as unhandy as they are misshapen.

As if you did not drive me crazy, you obese, misshapen wine skin!

Since I avoid death, I must be wary of his misshapen brother.

Over and over and over Amy washed and soothed the red, misshapen foot.

Hideous and misshapen, mankind jeer at me as I pass the streets.

Semi-human in form, it looked like some misshapen, bent, headless giant.

Its head was clumsy and misshapen, and altogether its aspect was very horrible.

The town is a vast museum of idols—and all of them crude, misshapen, and ugly.