Missile [noun]

Definition of Missile:

projectile weapon

Synonyms of Missile:

Opposite/Antonyms of Missile:


Sentence/Example of Missile:

He heard the bullets and every form of missile from the cannon whining all about them.

Had he remained where he was the missile would have passed him harmlessly.

I was glad that my missile had been thrown away,—that he had not even heard the twang of the bow.

Litton cried, raising the only missile he could find, an inkstand.

The words were flung like a missile into the face of the brute.

He covered the towers with rawhide to protect them from any kind of missile.

Here the missile is inserted at the breech, according to Your direction.

But this man by some chance was hit by a missile from an engine which was on a tower at his left.

She glanced about, as if for a missile to threaten him with.

Immediately, Jorisson sent his missile up to join them and detonated it.