Missiles [noun]

Definition of Missiles:

projectile weapon

Synonyms of Missiles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Missiles:


Sentence/Example of Missiles:

No stones or other missiles were used; the battle was fist to fist.

We could look for no response but laughs of derision or the missiles of a mob.

"If there were not an ordinance against the hurling of missiles," finished the widower.

And the changing sweep of the missiles' flight confirmed their belief.

From jeers they passed to scuffles, in which missiles and clubs were the weapons.

But the missiles seemed to be falling there even more thickly than elsewhere.

But as it is, all I say to you is, let fly your missiles with a will in right brave style.

So that, apart from other missiles, our shaven heads were sure to be pelted with jeers.

Almost simultaneously we were raked by missiles from three directions.

You should build more ships and missiles than they will probably be able to build.