Missionary [noun]

Definition of Missionary:

person who aids, does religious work

Synonyms of Missionary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Missionary:


Sentence/Example of Missionary:

That is a Missionary; and the blacks are not Freedmen, as you suppose, but Cannibals.

It is important that we keep the missionary motive on the right basis.

Mr. Swartout was a missionary to the West Coast Indian tribes.

What does that little chit, Fanny, want at a missionary meeting?

Landis doesn't know a good cake from a Fiji missionary pudding.

The missionary approaches and beseeches him to regard the Golden Rule.

Missionary, your rule is Indian rule,--good rule, missionary.

But it was ten dollars, and not one cent, which he gave to the Missionary Fund.

One of the most cheerful and courageous, because one of the most hopeful of workers, was Carey, the missionary.

From this it may be deduced that missionary work has not been as thorough as might be hoped.