Missioner [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Missioner:

She at once inquired if she could be permitted an interview with the Missioner.

It was designed and built by Robert Aitken the famous Cornish missioner.

Puffin has been a Missioner, and he is a wonderful organizer.

Was it possible that Nada and the Missioner had not escaped its fury?

And she's got faith in me, and would go with me to the Missioner's tomorrow.

They heard the voice of the Missioner calling from the window behind them.

"Nada, go to the Missioner's as fast as you can," he said, fighting to speak coolly.

The missioner is alternately tempted to elation and despair.

Thar was a missioner oncet who thought she'd got a holt of me all right, all right.

But that there tenderfoot started off sidesaddle, like a missioner.