Missions [noun]

Definition of Missions:

person's task, responsibility

Synonyms of Missions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Missions:

Sentence/Example of Missions:

In Labrador these missions are largely, though by no means wholly, self-supporting.

The child of the Christian missionary has been the poet of Christian missions.

These are the rules of missions into foreign countries, and of the reception of strangers.

What a poor role, then, do English missions play outside English lands!

By what right do you send sentinels on missions of your own?

"We sure miss a lot of missions because of bad weather," Stan admitted.

Yet there are silly folk who say they do not believe in missions.

The young men who figure at embassies and missions are all "cognate numbers."

Christian missions have had no success in any Asiatic country.

The activities of the missions took on two forms—industrial and educational.