Missives [noun]

Definition of Missives:

written communication

Synonyms of Missives:

Opposite/Antonyms of Missives:

Sentence/Example of Missives:

He went to the window and opened the missive with simulated indifference.

Stephen returned to the library with the missive in his hand.

When Israel received the missive, his anger was hot and furious.

"It is for you, my dear," he said, as he passed the missive across the table to Miss Cavendish.

He despatched the missive, and felt his injuries were avenged.

The envelope of this missive, unlike the others, bore only his name, not the address.

Meantime, Molly is standing staring curiously at her missive.

His missive struck the dominant chord in the breast of Madame.

Drawing out a wallet, he opened it and handed to the other the missive in question.

The missive, however, never reached the pontiff to whom it was addressed.