Misstatement [noun]

Definition of Misstatement:


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Sentence/Example of Misstatement:

But real patriotism is one thing and misstatement is another.

Failures due to misstatement of fact are of endless variety.

Had he made any misstatement, he would have been immediately contradicted.

How the misstatement came to be made, I do not know and will not speculate.

Was this playful punning or a half-serious attempt to correct a misstatement?

I cannot perceive that it would be any advantage to them to make a misstatement.

Dan'l smiled in a way that admitted his misstatement; he shook his head.

The misstatement of an agent of the insured will have the same effect.

I made a misstatement when I said that I had gone into all the rooms of the house this afternoon.

Yet I have caught him in no misstatement, and his eye is steadier than my own.