Misstep [noun]

Definition of Misstep:

mistake, wrong move

Synonyms of Misstep:

Opposite/Antonyms of Misstep:

Sentence/Example of Misstep:

First to make the misstep is "it" for the time or for next game.

One misstep and you're liable to get the commissioner killed.

A misstep might precipitate him into the dark waters of the rushing stream.

The horses were tired, and a misstep or a stumble would be dangerous.

Mrs. Brace's voice had not faltered, although she must have seen the misstep.

Once there was a moment when a shadow of a misstep would have cost him his life.

But Caleb knew the way, and he went on his road without a misstep.

Not at all; he slipped, made a misstep; that may happen to anybody.

Pellas almost stumbles into an abyss—his brother has made a misstep.

He might have broken both arms and legs had he made a misstep.