Mist [noun]

Definition of Mist:

film, vapor

Synonyms of Mist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mist:

Sentence/Example of Mist:

Mist, mist, rolling mist with a square black tower above it.

Through the mist of the December afternoon, it had loomed pleasantly before him.

The light was daylight, but it was inadequate, as though charged with mist.

A mist came before his eyes, and his heart gave a great cry.

I fancied that I saw a mist as of tears, a man's slow tears.

The darkness was so intense that it could be felt like a mist.

The voyageurs call these mist people the Huntsmen, and look frightened.

A mist came on, and we could see but a little way before us.

Through the mist came the sound of the bells of the cattle upon the hill.

As yet it blew fog and mist, but the hope was that it would soon blow it away.