Mistaken [adjective]

Definition of Mistaken:

wrong, incorrect

Opposite/Antonyms of Mistaken:

Sentence/Example of Mistaken:

But if you think I was consistently mercenary you are mistaken.

I'm less likely to be mistaken than you, my dear, though he was your father.

I may have been mistaken with regard to the cause of my persecution by the Wilsons, but I think not.

Nor was she mistaken: many a time had her father said so to himself.

If you think they were embarrassed to the degree that they could not eat, you are mistaken.

She was sure she was not mistaken, for she had talked with him about his work and the different men.

Hallam and Heine, and all the cry of critics, are mistaken in this matter.

You are mistaken about this thing, Christine; I am sure of that.

There has been some very great mistake; we have been all mistaken, I fancy.

The latter will always recognize the former when mistaken for it.