Misted [verb]

Definition of Misted:

cloud, steam up

Synonyms of Misted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Misted:

Sentence/Example of Misted:

Through her misted eyes she could barely see the shimmer of the cross.

The plowed fields beyond were purple plush, misted with a fire of green.

She flinched and misted a cloud of aerosol capsicum ahead of her.

Across the arpeggios of the misted violins, his eyes burned a path.

Arm in arm the six journalists marched down the misted High.

Through the avenging rage that misted his brain the great dog heard.

His eyes were misted and blurred, but they were empty of tears as Linda's own.

He went home that night feeling very much as Columbus must have done when his New World swam before his eyes in misted glory.

Oh how are we misted and mired with the love of things that are on this side of time, and on this side of death's water!

He set out under a clear heaven, misted with the promise of heat: the air rather ominously still.