Mister [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Mister:

"Let's git out, mister," cried Old Bill, clutching Mortimer's arm.

There is no need for Miss or Mister in the savage jungle, Virginia.

So I sed to him, "Mister, did you lose anythin' 'round here any place?"

I don't believe you, Mister Duncan—or whatever your name is.

Mister Tom he locked him up last night in one of the south bedrooms.

That "Mister Madden" from the mate was the great seal of authority.

Will somebody ask Mister Charley Darwin to be so good as to step this way?

You're in Bermondsey, mister, an' if you tyke my advice you'll go 'ome an' sty 'ome.

Say, mister, I was just kidding about being one of Gore's men.

That da—excuse me, mister—that cussed Archibald has woke up.'