Mistiness [noun]

Definition of Mistiness:

coating, tissue; mist

Synonyms of Mistiness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mistiness:


Sentence/Example of Mistiness:

Now the garden lay deserted, desolate in the mistiness of the moonlight.

As it approached, a mistiness that formed became a crucible.

I cannot even shelter myself under the mistiness of the peremptory we.

She clasped her hands, and her eyes were lucent with mistiness.

He forced back a mistiness that was gathering like a film over his eyes.

They looked into each other's eyes, and were not ashamed of the mistiness which gleamed there.

It is darker than the rest, but it seems to be all covered up with mistiness.

Frank thought there was a mistiness which hinted recent tears.

Gradually, the mistiness increased; growing, as it were, out of nothing.

Yet there is no uncertainty, no mistiness in his form, as there is in that of some of the other impressionists.