Mistook [verb]

Definition of Mistook:

mix up, misunderstand

Opposite/Antonyms of Mistook:

Sentence/Example of Mistook:

But Uncle Lucien was so certain of the boy's guilt that he mistook his pride for impudence.

He mistook both the character of the woman, and that of his divine guest.

It mistook me for a honeysuckle, and gave me a peck to make sure.

You've saw me pretty mild; but don't you be mistook by that, like that feller Dickert was mistook.

I mistook what he meant, and thought it well to say no more.

It is quite astonishing, my dear friend, how I mistook that man's character.

It was thought that Tecumseh mistook this tool for a gun, and was nervous.

“I first mistook you for a Mohammedan,” she said to him once; and he assured her that she was not mistaken.

You mark my words—if you think they've broke my spirit, you're mistook.

But it was only because we mistook the clothing for the truth in both cases.