Mistreated [verb]

Definition of Mistreated:

treat badly or wrongly

Synonyms of Mistreated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mistreated:

Sentence/Example of Mistreated:

"Like myself," he vouchsafed, with that smile of a mistreated child.

She abused me while I was blind and helpless, and she mistreated you for pitying me.

Does he say that he was in a position to see in case they had been mistreated?

Father, why don't you see what consolation you can offer this poor, mistreated woman.

If any had been mistreated, it was by the appointees of the crown.

Mistreated you, when you tried to steal the little water and food we had left!

A pained look came into Linda's eyes, as if she herself had been mistreated.

Personally I never heard of an American that was mistreated.

He'd have hated anyone at all who mistreated such a dalul in such a fashion!

And the old man says, 'Has he struck you or mistreated you in any way?