Mistrustful [adjective]

Definition of Mistrustful:


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Sentence/Example of Mistrustful:

You were my enemy once, and have since been in a mistrustful truce with me, yet you can doubt that I did this thing.

He was less defiant, or mistrustful, or whatever be the name for it.

Then do not be astonished that I am mistrustful, since you suspect me of knowing what I do not know.

And this it is that makes them, as no doubt they are, so mistrustful and wary.

The Queen had faith in him, and he entreated her to give her word for him to mistrustful Cecil.

He is too mistrustful of Nature, he always goes a little on one side of her.

The great banks remained hostile, and capitalists were mistrustful.

Kings and people, mistrustful of each other, were upon their guard.

For the first twelve months you must still be mistrustful of your passager.

We must feel our way cautiously, patient and ever mistrustful.