Mistrusts [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Mistrusts:

Do not mistrust me because of these tears; I cannot help them.

Mistrust and something in the nature of reproach were expressed in her glance.

He had also a trick to mingle his commodity, that that which was bad might go off with the least mistrust.

My first impression was that of disgust for all human beings and mistrust of everything.

But it afforded the last drop to the cup of Philip's mistrust.

Valentina eyed him with a something of mistrust in her glance.

I did not offer to go by myself, simply from mistrust of the reception I should meet with.

The thought of sympathizing friends excited in him a fury of mistrust.

What a cruel lesson of mistrust and suspicion have I implanted in that honest heart!

He cannot, it is true, mistrust your son, but he may feel grave doubts about me.