Misty [adjective]

Definition of Misty:

filmy, obscure

Synonyms of Misty:

Opposite/Antonyms of Misty:




Sentence/Example of Misty:

The girl's eyes met his with passionate sorrow in their misty deeps.

It was only later on that Winnie obtained from him a misty and confused confession.

The sixth day of the appointed week was a moist, hot, misty day.

For ten minutes or so, he pushed on into the strange, misty night.

His misty little mind had already made an unconscious classification.

And why should not the individual life have its misty legends as well as that of nations?

She went to the window and leaned out into the night over the misty sea.

It was a misty, black night, and Trumet sidewalks were uneven and hard to navigate.

A misty rain was falling from an empty sky, and the daylight was beginning to fail.

The morning was misty, but the effects of light and shade were most beautiful.