Misunderstood [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Misunderstood:

Hester did not like the remark, and he fancied from her look she had misunderstood him.

I make this statement now in order not to be misunderstood when later I may say that God must be this or that.

"You misunderstood me, Miss Gunn," said the doctor, now himself again.

She misunderstood: he laughed, but his nervousness was genuine.

Do you know what it is to be misunderstood—to be despised without deserving it?'

He misunderstood the being whom he had somewhat contributed to inspire.

She felt that very often lately she had misunderstood him—she had been confused about him.

Either Silvere did not quite catch what she said, or else he misunderstood her.

Any sign of pity or sympathy would have been misunderstood by the women.

Of the greatest gift of Dionysus I hardly like to speak, lest I should be misunderstood.