Mitigated [verb]

Definition of Mitigated:

check, diminish, lighten

Synonyms of Mitigated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mitigated:

Sentence/Example of Mitigated:

The night mitigated the blunders of his temperament, it seemed.

It is, we will suppose, of so mitigated a quality as never to have had the power to kill.

Deeper in the forest the battering of the rain was mitigated.

Oh my solitude will be mitigated—I shall have models and people.

The unavoidable detachment from the mob was mitigated by simple pleasures.

How can these evils and trials be mitigated to the wife, or the husband?

The wrongs of Africa have been mitigated and removed by its justice and generosity.

Franklin's animosity against the Penns was mitigated in later years.

But Anna Leopoldowna mitigated his punishment—what a mitigation!

Then, bending from an impeccable height, she vouchsafed a mitigated pardon.