Mitigating [verb]

Definition of Mitigating:

check, diminish, lighten

Synonyms of Mitigating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mitigating:

Sentence/Example of Mitigating:

The only mitigating feature of the business was that the matter to be reported was only a concert.

It may be noted, however, that he showed no signs of mitigating their distress.

But, with the slave, all these mitigating circumstances are wanting.

And for mitigating the strictures of my report, eh, Monsieur?

Extreme provocation may be a mitigating —— in a case of homicide.

She has given a busy life to mitigating the miseries of the unfortunate.

I regard you as an angel sent to console them; but it must be by mitigating, not partaking of them.'

In her reflections she gave her mother the benefit of every mitigating circumstance.

Are there not mitigating circumstances in the case of the James boys?

And you think that would be a mitigating circumstance in his acceptance of money from her?