Mixup [noun]

Definition of Mixup:

difficulty, predicament

Synonyms of Mixup:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mixup:

Sentence/Example of Mixup:

I did that boy a wrong, 'Mona, an' guessed it all the time, just because he had a mixup with Ford.

I reckon we better not say anything about my mixup with his folks.

You know the trouble that came from that mixup with Sandy Jackson.

Champ, the bull terrier who caused the mixup, was uninjured.

This seemed to confirm my notion that there was a mixup of identity.

In the mixup my weight struck Bosey and fractured his collar-bone.

There has been a—mixup, and it is impossible now, Mrs. Cuthbert.

We expect to stay here two or three weeks, and we don't want to get into any mixup.

So she told him about Uncle Jabezs mixup with the Tintacker mining properties.

"Jimmie will come out of any mixup with his fists doubled up," was Jack's almost laughing comment.