Mizzen [adjective]

Definition of Mizzen:

back, end

Synonyms of Mizzen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mizzen:

Sentence/Example of Mizzen:

Two others stood ready at the foot of the main and mizzen riggings.

This move brought him into a safe place between the mainmast and the mizzen.

He squinted at the mizzen rigging where the lanterns revealed the damage.

Mayo, returning to the mizzen, found the entire crew grouped there.

We control the braces on the mizzen, although they control the canvas on the mizzen.

But only the fore and mizzen ones are wanted to balance the pressure aloft.

"Made fast to the wharf at the foot of this street," said Mr. Mizzen.

First came Mr. Mizzen, leading the way with Freddie by his side.

Mr. Mizzen stopped, and looked towards the stern of the ship.

"Here goes, then," said Mr. Mizzen, thrumming on the guitar.