Mnemonic [adjective]

Definition of Mnemonic:

suggestive of something in the past

Synonyms of Mnemonic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mnemonic:

Sentence/Example of Mnemonic:

But what is it that can justly claim the right of a mnemonic form?

Be it as it may, no one can dispute its merit as a specimen of mnemonic verse.

The poet Simonides is said to have been the founder of the mnemonic art.

Like the mnemonic lists in Widsith, these lines are probably very old.

Fifth, mnemonic devices of simple type are sometimes an aid.

The arrangement of headings has been sometimes modified to secure a mnemonic aid in numbering and finding books without the Index.

Here again we may illustrate the mnemonic illusion by a visual one.

In this case the imitation of the mnemonic process may be very definite and complete.

And then there are all the risks of mnemonic illusion to be taken into account as well.

Just a few words concerning mnemotechnique, mnemonic, and anamnestic.