Mnemonics [noun]

Definition of Mnemonics:

specific thing remembered

Synonyms of Mnemonics:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mnemonics:

Sentence/Example of Mnemonics:

The names of these septs are remembered by a system of mnemonics.

I'm a student of mnemonics, you know, the art of memory perfection.

To him the London School of Mnemonics was a sound commercial proposition.

The business of thinking was not so easy as the London School of Mnemonics made out.

The London School of Mnemonics had achieved another miracle.

What was it the little green books of the London School of Mnemonics had said?

This was really behind even his intrigue with the London School of Mnemonics.

To help himself to remember dates, he devised a system of mnemonics, which he circulated among his friends.

Here Frank had recourse to a system of mnemonics frequently resorted to by teachers in their extremity.

As a result of all this, mnemonics was studied as never before; and Rejects were taught memory.