Moan [noun]

Definition of Moan:

groan, complaint

Synonyms of Moan:

Opposite/Antonyms of Moan:


Sentence/Example of Moan:

Before she had laughed at the weird complaining; now it sounded like a moan of misery.

Not a sound was heard but the moan of an occasional gust of wind.

The wood followed us with a moan which was gathering to a roar.

Let her moan and groan and sigh away there—what did it matter!

Thereupon Macquart, seeing that he was about to be paid, began to moan.

I could cry and moan like a small child, in my horrible emptiness and longing for Him.

The wind had fallen until it was scarce above a moan in the shrouds.

On the 28th of the same month, he was heard to moan again several times.

With a moan of anguish she went down upon her knees beside him.

A moan escaped her, and she covered her face with her hands.