Moaning [verb]

Definition of Moaning:

groan, complain

Synonyms of Moaning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Moaning:

Sentence/Example of Moaning:

Now the wind came like a wolf down the Murchison Pass, howling and moaning.

Whenever the turnkey was coming he was groaning and moaning on the bed.

The oak tree beside it stood quieted of its moaning and tossing.

In the most pathetic way she dragged herself after me, moaning and beseeching for help.

A woman is holding her head and moaning and threatening to faint all over the place.

At once Chopin ceased his moaning and weeping and came over to the instrument.

The sound of his own voice, moaning in his ears, had a magical effect upon him.

Only the moaning of the wind continued, high in the tree tops.

The sound of the sea, eternally slow and sad and moaning, haunted me like a passion.

He had been moaning and sentimentalizing but then suddenly he showed me his fangs.