Mobbed [verb]

Definition of Mobbed:

come upon by pushing; surround

Synonyms of Mobbed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mobbed:

Sentence/Example of Mobbed:

We were all but mobbed by the very people who had earlier slighted me.

One set of papers says he was mobbed, and the other that he made a hit.

I looked upon the narrow streets where Garrison was mobbed for my sake.

I don't want to be mobbed when they hear that I have the secret of the star-drive.

As for Tiny, she may not be mobbed, but she has one man in love with her after another.

With that I skips upstairs, and explains the mystery of our bein' mobbed.

He was also overbearing, and the people of Philadelphia mobbed him once.

Several gentlemen were mobbed, and compelled to fling the cigars from their teeth.

I would rather be mobbed than have my horse win at Newmarket.

When I was there, the elders had been mobbed so much that open-air meetings had been discontinued.