Mobbing [verb]

Definition of Mobbing:

come upon by pushing; surround

Synonyms of Mobbing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mobbing:

Sentence/Example of Mobbing:

Instead of mobbing her every man in the place started to laugh.

I let my porch be used for meeting and mobbing, as you might say.

There is no violence, no shooting or mobbing—only passive resistance.

He whipped the brute so thoroughly that it put an end to the mobbing in Honolulu.

I never heard any more talk of mobbing in that neighborhood.

The boys who had failed and even their friends were for mobbing the child.

And there was the mobbing of Whitburn in front of Administration Center.

The men who were for mobbing us at that time are now the most prominent 'reformers,' and seem to be the most influential persons.

Yes, and if these mobbing knaves can be kept quiet then, we shall be in a situation to ask no favors.

When we reached the summit we could hear the magpies calling out, but, to do them justice, they were not mobbing us then.