Mobility [noun]

Definition of Mobility:

ability to move

Synonyms of Mobility:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mobility:


Sentence/Example of Mobility:

In reality they doubtless have mobility sufficient for emigration.

They were conscious of the mobility of their society and gloried in it.

We are not exploiting our own special characteristics, mobility and sea power!

He moves continually, because he must coordinate and adapt his mobility.

His mobility, his eagerness, were sometimes now a perplexity, even a pain to her.

The mobility and diversity of the American forces puzzled Cornwallis.

Her floating sentiment, so graceful in its mobility, curdles into opinions.

One character common to all is mobility—the tendency to change.

Their mobility and deadly effect have made them of great value.

You often wonder at my mobility of temper, my flexible character.