Mobocracy [noun]

Definition of Mobocracy:

punishment by hanging without due process

Synonyms of Mobocracy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mobocracy:


Sentence/Example of Mobocracy:

To that point Joseph and his brethren made their escape and enjoyed a brief respite from mobocracy.

What we need, to ward off mobocracy and safeguard a civilized form of government, is more of this sniffing.

The Manchester merchants are often termed a millocracy, and words of a similar character are mobocracy and moneyocracy.

Mobocracy had triumphed in Missouri, and there was no power in the government to call Missouri to an account for her wrong doing.

I proceeded to Nauvoo—I gazed upon its ruins—the direful work of mobocracy.

The Flemish mobocracy are brought before us with a fidelity and animation surpassing those displayed in Egmont.

Politics must be annexed to our government by such legal provisions, instead of being left to boss monopoly or mobocracy.

These scenes of mobocracy continued to exist with unabated fury.

However, there were many gentlemen who were desirous of peace, and who tried to sooth and quell the spirit of mobocracy.

This looks a little too much like mobocracy, it foretells some evil intentions.