Moccasin [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Moccasin:

The end of those who are bitten by the moccasin is not pretty to see, and besides, I had business.

One moccasin is so much like another, it is probable there is some mistake.

The rattlesnake and the moccasin are the most dangerous snakes in the United States.

It closely resembles the Moccasin, a poisonous snake, and is often mistaken for it.

Nothing equals the moccasin on the trail, nothing is so good to snow-shoe in.

The Indian thrust the toe of his moccasin against the buck's antlers.

Hawk Eye fastened a moccasin to one end of his bow and slowly waved it to and fro.

He thought about this some while mending the moccasin, and decided to take the bug gun.

The moccasin was a dangerous fellow, and he didn't want to run any risks with him.

She forgot to ask where I found the moccasin or how I happened to be there.