Mocha [noun]

Definition of Mocha:

hot beverage made from beans of a tree

Synonyms of Mocha:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mocha:


Sentence/Example of Mocha:

And that pale sherry, and that Chablis, and that exquisite cup of Mocha?

I leave digestion to take its course, waiting for my mocha and maraschino.

The true Bourbon is obtained from the first few crops of Mocha seed.

For many years it was used on Mocha coffee, but it is now out of existence.

The coffee most cultivated in Mexico is supposed to have come from Mocha seed.

Mocha coffee was being imported direct in American bottoms about 1804.

In 1616 a coffee plant was successfully transported from Mocha to Holland.

Regular imports of coffee from Mocha to Amsterdam began in 1663.

The bean is larger than the Mocha, but similar in general appearance.

It was named Mocha from the coffee with which it came, and Mocha it has been ever since.