Mocker [adjective]

Definition of Mocker:

artificial, fake

Synonyms of Mocker:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mocker:

Sentence/Example of Mocker:

It had mocked Reuben, and it had made her seem as if she were the mocker.

They buried them together, man and mocker, and went silently on toward the hill.

How true then are the words of the Bible: "Wine is a mocker."

He was not a mocker, or a leveller, or a satirist, or an atheist.

But I'm a doubter, and a mocker, and a failure, and Phillida knows it.

I believe that wine is a mocker, and belief in wine as a benefit, mockery.

Raoul and Enguerrand, sons of that mocker of man, the Count de Vandemar.

That she should have done that made humanity a Judas and God a mocker.

The uses of mocker nut hickory do not differ from those of other hickories.

If he was often a mocker in form, he was always serious in meaning and laborious in matter.