Mocking [adjective]

Definition of Mocking:


Synonyms of Mocking:

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Sentence/Example of Mocking:

Austin's face loomed before him like that of a mocking devil.

(mocking me, for I sighed to be thus fooled with,) and do you sigh, love?

Once more he heard the dismal cry, and fancied it held a mocking note.

She repelled my mocking smile with a glance of scornful indignation.

I was annoyed at being watched by those malevolent, mocking eyes.

Madeline, I implore you; tell me, are you mocking me, or are you speaking seriously?

I had always felt her mocking smile toward me and all my solemn thoughts.

Your mocking laughter would be hard to bear in conjunction with losing you.

He looked at me with a mocking smile; but suddenly he rode nearer to me.

And the servants ran laughing and mocking to find the goose-girl.