Mod [adjective]

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The weak and strong forms are used in the same manner as in Mod.

The Latin is of Teutonic origin from the word which survives in the Mod.

Comeveden, didst move or instigate; agreeing with ye, for which Mod.

We are detected, worse luck, and are rewarded with a ‘mod’ each.

The M.E. temen, to produce, to bring, is the same word as mod.

Vuvo), a tributary of the Acheron, a river of Thesprotia (mod.

For an ingenious explanation of this disputed word see Professor Pearce's article in Mod.

It is true that we have now converted the o, into a, and write the word mad: but mod was anciently employed.

It was all the more acceptable because outside a cold rain was falling, and the mod was deep and miry.

Mod′eller; Mod′elling, the act or art of making a model of something, a branch of sculpture.