Modality [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Modality:

But if modality, taken in itself, be not a reality, why then make of it a category?

Third rank of existence should not be occupied by modality, vi.

Rank third, of existence, should not be occupied by modality, vi.

Modality, should not occupy even third rank of existence, vi.

Rimbaud, when right, is so because he cannot be bothered to exist in any other modality.

An "idea" has little value apart from the modality of the mind which receives it.

Baumeister and Thomasius also recognise four forms of modality.

Very well, he could use that modality to get out from under.

As to Modality, propositions are divided into Pure and Modal.

In what manner this gigantic process of social expropriation will be achieved, and under what modality, eludes all surmise.