Moderated [verb]

Definition of Moderated:

restrain, control

Synonyms of Moderated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Moderated:

Sentence/Example of Moderated:

After some hours of huddling I observed that the temperature had moderated.

When finally Dolly's outburst had moderated, the old lady spoke.

We might stick by Mr. de Vervillin until it moderated, and then pay our respects to him.

"We have plenty of time," Philip said, as he moderated the pace at which they had started.

She has taught our revolutionary spirits and moderated our party passions.

Even play should be moderated and abstained from entirely if there is any pain.

The weather had moderated, and rain had fallen during the night.

The gale had moderated, and the ship was again put on her course.

So, as the gale had moderated somewhat, I determined to heave-to.

Greatly am I to blame, not to have moderated my pleasure and your vivacity.