Moderation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Moderation:

But all the same, there had to be moderation and reason in everything.

A person who escapes the evils of moderation by committing dyspepsia.

I wonder if Rube's first wife's mother has come from Moderation?

Lady St. Craye also thought it a useful thing—in moderation.

Moderation is the languor and sloth of the soul, Ambition its activity and heat.

Work in moderation is healthy, as well as agreeable to the human constitution.

They declared this was their thanks for our 'moderation' and 'generosity.'

There was no check to his violence, no moderation on his tongue.

So come and dine with me—at my table, you know, I allow laughing in moderation.'

And moderation, as it was justly said once, is the respiration of the philosopher.