Moderators [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Moderators:

The moderator had some difficulty in restoring order to the hilarious meeting.

“All in favor of that motion will say aye,” said the moderator.

“It is from his excellency, the governor,” said the sheriff, bowing to the moderator.

"The members o' this court will address the moderator," he said sternly.

He has become almost insupportable since they have named him for Moderator.

From Mr. Samuel Price, whom they have spoken of for Moderator.

The Moderator reminded Dr. See that they waited for an answer from him.

Some leading mechanic, however, was always chosen to be the moderator.

A leading candidate for moderator is Ehnamane, a Santee pastor.

As it is, he now preaches the faith which once he destroyed, and they make him moderator.