Modernism [noun]

Definition of Modernism:

change, novelty

Synonyms of Modernism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Modernism:

Sentence/Example of Modernism:

We know him well: Xenophon's modernism comes out in these things.

But now all is crumbling before the poisonous onslaught of modernism.

Too angry to deny the convenient charge of "modernism," he sought the street.

He bowed his head, revolving in his mind the definite charge of "modernism."

Consequently the charge of "modernism" fell like a bolt from a clear sky.

These dogmas, Modernism says, are the instruments of the believer, the symbols of his faith.

The condemnation of Modernism naturally aroused the anger of its votaries.

For once mediævalism and modernism had a common stand-point.

But he is a little shaken and very much alarmed by the march of modernism.

Modernism has fought and won the battle of verbal inspiration.