Modifier [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Modifier:

Y is a modifier of X, but unless X is present Y can produce no effect.

Electricity as a modifier of properties in turn throws flame into eclipse.

In some of these examples, the predicate adjective has a modifier.

No modifier should be inserted between to and the infinitive.

Eosin may be said to be a modifier of vermilion or vermilion of eosin.

Love he regards as the creative power, the destroyer or modifier being Hate.

A word or group of words that changes or modifies the meaning of another word is called a modifier.

Since the indirect object is equivalent to an adverbial phrase, it is classed as a modifier of the verb.

A group of words consisting of an adverbial object with its modifier or modifiers forms an adverbial phrase ( 41).

The simple sentence in  450 may be made complex by means of a subordinate clause used as a modifier ( 47).