Modifies [verb]

Definition of Modifies:

alter, change

Synonyms of Modifies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Modifies:

Sentence/Example of Modifies:

As respects this allocation, how would I modify that instrument?

We modify it in these degenerate days to "blood will have money:"

The result of this attempt to modify the scheme was the Indian mutiny.

It is his to choose his environment; it is his to modify his environment when he cannot leave it.

He found cause to modify the excellent impression he had received at first.

I'll have to modify one of the motors a little, but it's not a hard job.

Pierre can but wait, powerless to avert or modify any impending crisis.

Then we were able to modify that to heave sand and to let it tap the ionosphere.

The only result of the objections raised to it was to modify some of its theories.

I persisted in the statement I had already made, and refused to modify it in any manner.