Modifying [verb]

Definition of Modifying:

alter, change

Synonyms of Modifying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Modifying:

Sentence/Example of Modifying:

The environment is constantly checking and modifying the inheritance.

Instead of modifying their policy, they became daily more arrogant.

Tin is not so useful as a mordant in itself, but as a modifying agent with other mordants.

But you misrepresent it—there are modifying facts in the case.

The blues, however, may carry factors which are capable of modifying the brown.

Only two adjectives, this and that change their form when modifying a plural noun.

In this way it enables us to use a noun or a pronoun as a modifying word.

So with the help of the preposition in, we have used tree as a modifying word.

In the first sentence, wealthy is an adjective, modifying the noun men.

In the sentence, Do as I say, as I say is an adverb clause of manner, modifying the verb do.