Modulated [verb]

Definition of Modulated:

adjust, harmonize

Synonyms of Modulated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Modulated:

Sentence/Example of Modulated:

There was something half-plaintive in the modulated cadences of the query.

His voice was modulated to an unaccustomed mildness as he spoke.

His large voice was modulated to kindliness as he spoke in a casual manner.

I saw it in every deferential gesture of his body, and every modulated tone of his voice.

A complaining clamour, modulated in savage discords, filled our ears.

The breath is projected into the embouchure with modulated force.

His low-pitched, modulated voice was clear and without a tremor.

I asked, in a voice so modulated that it did not reach Legrand.

The voice was soft and modulated, resonant, of a tone as rich as bronze.

He modulated his belligerent shout to a dulcet undertone as we came alongside.