Moguls [noun]

Definition of Moguls:

person who has great power, many possessions

Synonyms of Moguls:

Opposite/Antonyms of Moguls:


Sentence/Example of Moguls:

"Your job is to keep crackpots like that away from me," said the mogul.

From thence, after taking in water and provisions, they went for Malabar, in the Empire of the Mogul.

The Mogul officers were in a panic; they advised a retreat into Kabul.

This confinement is not very rigid in the empire of the Mogul.

Please do what you can to have the Mogul held in the event of our being delayed.

"You ought to be in the yard, Poney," said the Mogul, severely.

"I don't hold with any make of papier-mache wheel," the Mogul insisted.

Akbar the Great, the real founder of the Mogul empire Akbar.

Timour the Mogul sacked Aleppo, the capital of the Mamelukes.

She a Syud, and he a Mogul—a bad conjunction; and her name is——?