Moiety [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Moiety:

How is it only a moiety of these bodies that is represented?

He who gave her the money of which she e'en presented me a moiety.

Out of abundance he had given a moiety and because of it she had put her life into a yoke.

There was more than a moiety of sadness, constantly increasing its measure.

It allowed Ralegh a moiety of the penalties accruing to the Crown.

In 1898 there were 98 at the English classes and but a moiety at the French.

The latter offered the lady in full, but only a moiety of the money.

The shares that remained received the name of "adventurer's moiety."

There is only 'in each local centre a great predominance of one moiety.'

The man with a moiety of the seer's gift suffered his eyebrows to arch query-wise.