Moisten [verb]

Definition of Moisten:

make wet, damp

Synonyms of Moisten:

Opposite/Antonyms of Moisten:

Sentence/Example of Moisten:

If it be drinkable by any manner of mortal, I must moisten my throat with it.

Mix the sugar, cocoa, and salt and moisten with some of the milk.

Moisten them with a little of the soup, just sufficient to keep them from burning.

Beat six eggs very light, and moisten the mixture with them.

Mix all together, and moisten it with a quart of Madeira, and a pint of brandy.

It is essential to moisten and convey more solid food into the stomach, and from thence to the respective parts of the system.

Melt some hog's lard, add as much clivers or goosegrass as the lard will moisten, and boil them together over a slow fire.

To be used, first moisten the spot on the clothes with water, then rub it with the ball, and let the spot dry in the sun.

Moisten a piece of paper with a solution of soap and alum, lay it on the print or picture, and pass it under a rolling press.

Jem-y-Lord took a sponge and began to moisten the cold forehead.