Moldering [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Moldering:

The journalist is both a news gatherer and a molder of thought.

I have work in a foundry as a molder helper and has lots of experense at that.

"Oui," said Molder, in his clipped, self-conscious Oxford French.

With a last strange look at Molder she retired into the glitter of the crowded larger room.

Christine felt that Molder would have danced better two hours earlier; but still he danced beautifully.

The molder, instead of putting the mold on a pendulum conveyor, places it upon a track, where it is moved by means of a chain.

As an accoucheur of brains, a molder of intellects, I had no claim even to bread and cheese.

King Arthur's body might be hid in a cave, or molder in the ground, but his soul was to live and cheer his people.

During that time they must be turned once or twice every day, lest they should putrefy or molder.

It is better to die a noble death, than to molder away too much in love with the light life.